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Transforming our workshop

Transforming our workshop

22nd March was an exciting day as we got the keys to our workshop! 

We had a big job on our hands clearing out all the card and rubbish from the previous company, and setting up a work station, product storage and dispatch station.

Here’s a photo diary of our journey!

Mount Cardboard…..

to organised, spacious shelving…

We had a little help building a work bench out of reclaimed materials (and by a little we mean a lot - thank you Simon!)

We drank a LOT of coffee

Set up our dispatch bench….

Set up our amazing wax melt warmers

Took in a lot of deliveries (carried them up 2 flights of stairs!) and stocked our shelves up.

In those many deliveries was a very exciting one…. Our product labels 🤩

As you can see we were very excited about them!

Then, when we had all our our components delivered we were able to start making all our products for launch!

Our extremely long work bench came in very useful for our big batch making

Then our shelves became very full of made product ready for launch!


And now we are here! All ready for our full website launch at the start of August!

Thank you to everyone who has joined us from the start of our journey and we can’t wait to see where we will be and who will join us along the way!

Love Echo Fragrances ❤️

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