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Reed Diffuser Refills

Our handmade Reed Diffusers refills are blended with high quality fragrance oils in an alcohol free base, meaning our diffusers smell stronger and last longer. In a range of fragrances echoing the scent of your favourite Perfumes, Aftershaves, Bath & Body products, Laundry products and Home fragrance products.

Reed Diffusers are an ideal way of adding a background fragrance your home without heat or flames or places in your home where you cant use candles or wax melts. Easy to use and very little work to maintain. Simply refill your diffuser bottle and replace the reeds with a new set. After 24 hours turn your reeds over, then flip your reeds once a week to give an continuous fragrance throw throughout your home. 

A 120ml bottle of our Reed Diffuser refills last between 6-10 weeks, depending on how many reeds you use and where you place the diffuser in your home.

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