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About us

Hello, we are Echo Fragrances

At Echo Fragrances we are passionate about bringing you amazing quality fragrances into your home in a simple yet stylish way. Our fragrances are an Echo of your favourite fragrances, whether that be a Perfume, an Aftershave, a Bath & Body product, laundry detergent or home fragrance - we have it all.

We know how important fragrance is and how it has the power to unlock fond memories and create a moment of peace and escapism in your home. All of our fragrances are based on amazing fragrances you will already know and love, we hope when you smell one of our fragrances it will transport you to an amazing memory. It could be a fragrance from our perfume collection taking you back to your wedding day and the perfume you wore on that special day. Or it could be the beautifully fresh scents of baby powder in our Bath & Body collection reminding you of your first born, a scent from our Aftershave collection could be the cologne your father wore or a fragrance from our Laundry collection reminds you of the happiness you get when you put freshly washed sheet on your bed. 

With all this in mind we carefully create each product by hand with care and love for you to use in your home. 

How it all started

Echo Fragrances was born January 2021 just as the third UK lockdown hit. We (Jo & Kat) have known each other and have been working together as home fragrance experts for the past 7 years in the lovely independent, family owned Home Fragrance store - Love Aroma.

We both have a huge passion for home fragrance and often spoke about setting up our own brand together, so when Lockdown 3.0 rolled around in January 2021 we knew this would be the perfect opportunity as a company to make our own home fragrance brand a reality. So, with a lot of Zoom meetings, holding samples up to a webcam, countless socially distanced doorstep product drop offs and test burning hundreds of fragrance samples – Echo fragrances was born.

Together we have (quite a few) years of retail experience and knew there was gap in the home fragrancing market for an amazing product like ours. Fragrances you already know and love as perfumes, aftershaves, laundry detergents or bath & body products brought to you in fantastic home fragrance products. We currently produce Wax Melts, Wax Melt Bars, Reed Diffusers and Reed Diffuser refills with Candles hopefully joining our ever-growing product and fragrance range later this year. 

Jo has years of experience in candle making - she even had her own brand creating beautiful wax melts, candles and reed diffusers from home. This candle making knowledge paired with Kat’s passion for Social Media and marketing is where our journey started. We now have our own little in-house team working alongside us who help us mix, pour, package and label each product by hand to give you the best fragrance experience in your home.

Echo Fragrances isn't the only Home Fragrance brand we have developed. As well as Echo we have also developed and launched Henry & Co Home Fragrance this year too! (We have been very busy!) To have a look at our amazing Henry & Co Home Fragrance products click here.

Thanks for joining us on this amazing journey, we can't wait to see where it takes us.