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Fragrance Inspiration

There are 2 main questions we get asked at Echo….

1. Why are you called Echo Fragrances?

2. What do your products smell like?

We are called Echo Fragrances because our fragrances “Echo” the scents of some of the most familiar fragrances around. All our fragrances are inspired by perfumes, aftershaves, bath & body products, laundry products and home fragrance products. So what do they smell like?…. You may already know!
Below you will fid the inspiration behind each of our wonderful designer dupe fragrances, to make it easier for you to find the scents you know and love we have separated them into 5 categories: Perfume, Aftershave, Bath & Body, Laundry and Home. Find the fragrance that transports you back to fond memories you hold close or find a new favourite scent you will love for years to come.
All our fragrances come in wax melts, wax melt bars, reed diffusers and reed diffuser refills with candles joining the family very soon!
Explore our beautifully feminine Perfume collection of designer dupes echoing the scent of your favourite Perfumes.

C'est La Vie

A fragrance inspired by happiness! An elegant blend of florals including orange blossom, jasmine and iris combined with sweet and juicy blackcurrants and fresh pears. Life is Beautiful!

Inspired by La Vie est Belle - Lancome


This enchanting fragrance combines delicate floral notes of jasmine and orchid with temptingly sweet notes of white chocolate, kiwi and red lychee. Get lost in a fantasy with our Fairytale fragrance.

Inspired by Fantasy - Britney Spears

Femme Fleur

A floral explosion of femininity, Femme Fleur combines crisp notes of mandarin and orange with the silky scents of jasmine, orchid and rose, sat on a bed of vanilla and patchouli. This fragrance will fill your home with the beautiful scent of a Parisian flower market.

Inspired by Flower Bomb - Viktor & Rolf

Lady Whistledown

The powerful and seductive fragrance of Lady Whistledown is instantly recognisable unlike the Lady herself. With bright and fruity notes of orange, lemon and raspberry paired with the deep and musky notes of Amber, Patchouli and honey. This stunning fragrance will command the room with its elegant presence.

Inspired by Lady Million - Paco Rabanne 

Midnight Poppy

This dark and seductive fragrance boasts captivating notes of black coffee and sweet vanilla, perfectly balanced with the fresh, energising scents of mandarin and orange blossom with deep base notes of black opium. This fragrance is the perfect edgy and glamourous scent for any home.

Inspired by Black Opium - Yves Saint Laurent


The dark and daring combination of black orchid, jasmine, sandalwood, amber and vanilla combined make up the beautiful fragrance of Onyx.  With spicy rich base notes of cinnamon, tonka and vetiver to warm the fragrance. Enjoy the rich oriental scent of Onyx which will leave your home smelling irresistible.

Inspired by Black Orchid - Tom Ford



The stunning fresh, sweet floral fragrance of Oui opens with top notes of blackcurrant and bergamot while base notes of patchouli and oakmoss round the fragrance off resembling the scent of a fresh summer’s day.

Inspired by Si - Georgio Armarni 



The fun and flirty fragrance of Petals will make transport you to a daisy filled meadow in the height of spring. With succulent wild berries blended with soft white violets, combined with the warm notes of musk and white musk. This elegant fragrance radiates positivity and girlie charm.

Inspired by Daisy - Marc Jacobs


The powerful and sensual blend of salty-vanilla and sandalwood contrasted with oriental notes of jasmine, ginger flower and tangerine. The beautiful fragrance of Wilderness will warm your home with a heavenly scent.

Inspired by Olympia - Paco Rabanne


A classic feminine fragrance with a strong personality. Woman has beautiful deep base notes of patchouli and vetiver balanced with the vibrant scent of citrus orange to awaken the senses. This stunning scent combines all these fragrances with jasmine and rose to create the perfect fresh floral scent. 

Inspired by Madomoiselle - Coco Chanel 


Aftershave collection Echo fragrances

Explore our modern and masculine Aftershave collection of designer dupes echoing the scent of your favourite Aftershaves.


This iconic masculine fragrance with bold aromas of grapefruit and orange are paired with spicy leather, warm amber and a hint of cinnamon. This fragrance will leave your home smelling like one million.... dollars.

Inspired by One Million - Paco Rabanne

Spice Explosion

A weapon of mass seduction. This fragrance combines citrus notes of grapefruit and bergamot with the spicy and alluring notes of cinnamon, ginger, and saffron with a hint of lavender. With base notes of tobacco and leather this fragrance will leave your home smelling irresistible.

Inspired by Spice Bomb - Viktor & Rolf



Powerful and bold, this sensual fragrance with base notes of woody oakmoss and vanilla celebrates a classic masculine scent. A sophisticated fragrance bursting with fresh notes of apple, blackberry and bergamot, complimented with a floral heart of jasmine and juniper.

Inspired by Aventos - Creed



 Bath and body collection echo fragrances

Explore our relaxing and exciting Bath and Body collection of designer dupes echoing the scent of your favourite Bath & Body products.

Baby Powder

The soothing and familiar fresh scent of baby powder. Delicate notes of fresh cotton and musk paired with the soft notes of honeysuckle round off this classic fragrance. 

Inspired by Johnson's Baby Powder

Berry Kiss

A comforting and sweet blend fresh lemon and orange combined with the uplifting notes bergamot, cassis and blackcurrant with a creamy vanilla base. This stunning scent will leave your home smelling of fresh blackcurrant jam!

Inspired by The Comforter - Lush

Lemon Fizz

This bright and zesty blend of lemongrass and bergamot will lift your spirits and get you energized for the day ahead. This refreshing and invigorating scent will leave your home smelling of sweet citrus fruits and leave you smiling from ear to ear.

Inspired by Avobath - Lush


A rich and soothing fragrance which will leave you drifting off to dreamland. A calming combination of lavender, bergamot and white jasmine with a soft base of vanilla and tonka. This serene and relaxing fragrance might leave you a little sleepy.

Inspired by Sleepy - Lush

Snow Angels

Fill your home with the sweet scents of candy floss and bubble gum with our fun and playful fragrance Snow Angel. This deliciously sweet fragrance will leave your home smelling lush and good enough to eat!

Inspired by Snow Fairy - Lush



Laundry collection echo fragrances

Explore our stunningly fresh Laundry collection of designer dupes echoing the scent of your favourite Laundry products.

Bliss Laundry

 Combining the soft and elegant scents of jasmine with the sweet juicy scents of peaches, Red berries, and cherries. This highly fragranced soy blend, wax melt will leave your home smelling like a pile of fresh laundry.

Inspired by Bliss Unstoppables - Lenor 


Dreamy Laundry

This soft and delicate fragrance combines the creamy scents of coconut, sandalwood and vanilla with the light and fresh scents of pineapple, orange and apple. This fragrance will leave your home smelling like a dream.

Inspired by Dreams Unstoppables - Lenor

Linen Laundry

Bring the refreshing and classic scent of fresh laundered sheets to your home. With delicate notes of violet and lavender blended with fresh clean linen this fragrance will leave your home smelling fresh and clean in no time.

Inspired by Linen Fresh - Zoflora  

Rose Laundry

This soft and delicate fragrance combines the uplifting scents of sweet orange and apple with beautiful base notes fresh roses, white musk and sandalwood. This beautiful fragrance will leave your home smelling of a Wonderland.

Inspired by Rose Wonderland - Lenor

Sandalwood & Honeysuckle

This creamy and comforting fragrance combines the sweet notes of Sandalwood, vanilla and caramel with the soft floral notes of honeysuckle, rose petals and violets with a pop of citrus fruits.

Inspired by Honeysuckle & Sandalwood - Comfort 

Spring Laundry

A refreshing and uplifting combination of spring flowers with a hint of white cedar and patchouli. This fragrance will leave your home smell of fresh laundry drying in the sun on a summer’s day.

Inspired by Spring Awakening - Lenor


Home collection echo fragrances

Explore our beautiful Home collection of designer dupes echoing the scent of your favourite Home fragrance products.

Blush Suede 

Luxurious and seductive, Blush Suede combines the scent of peonies in full bloom with juicy red apples and soft jasmine. The light and powdery aroma of soft suede rounds off the fragrance making this a must have for you home.

Inspired by Blush Suede & Peonies - Jo Malone

Earl Grey & Cucumber

A fresh spring scent bursting with zingy bergamot and crunchy cucumber. Crisp apples and angelic jasmine balanced on a sweet vanilla and bees wax base draws strength from the distinctive aroma of earl grey and black tea. This fragrance will have you reminiscing of afternoon tea with friends.

Inspired by Earl Grey & Cucumber - Jo Malone

English Pear & Freesia

This beautiful fragrance combines the juicy scent of just-ripened pears with fresh blooming white freesias. Combined with the luscious, golden notes of amber and patchouli, say goodbye short cold days and hello to long summer nights.

Inspired by English Pear & Freesia - Jo Malone

Grapefruit Grove

An invigorating and fresh fragrance combining an intoxicating blend of citrus fruits. Grapefruit paired with sweet orange, mandarin and green floral notes rests on a soft bed of patchouli and musk. 

Inspired by Grapefruit - Jo Malone

Lime & Mandarin

Imagine yourself in the heat of the Caribbean sun with a tangy cocktail in hand. Peppery basil combined with the fresh citrus scents of mandarin and tangy limes creates the perfect fragrance for any home. Our highly fragranced, soy blend wax melt will have you lusting for summer getaway.

Inspired by Lime, Basil & Mandarin - Jo Malone


Sun on your skin, cocktail in hand, sand in your toes. Blending the rich fresh scents of bergamot and fresh orange with the soothing and mellow notes of creamy vanilla, coconut and amber. This fragrance is the scent of paradise!

Inspired by Seychelles - The White Company

Pomegranate Woods

A beautiful aromatic and fruity fragrance with bold notes of pink pepper and amber. This perfectly balanced fragrance combines the refreshing scents of pomegranate and red berries with the deep smokey notes of Patchouli. 

Inspired by Pomegranate Noir - Jo Malone

Velvet Rose & Oud

A musky and rich fragrance with notes of clove, Oud and praline combined with the delicate notes of Damask Roses. This stunning scent will fill your home with a mysterious and aromatic fragrance you will love.

Inspired by Velvet Rose & Oud - Jo Malone



Please note we are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance or companies.