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Ellipse Sherbet Electric Melt Warmer

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This elegant electric wax melt warmer is the perfect flameless alternative to a traditional tea light burner. Featuring a shimmering frosted glass exterior that diffuses light beautifully, with adjustable heat and light levels, all at a touch. Complete with a removable glass dish for your scented wax melts. This beautiful ellipse electric melt warmer will sit perfectly in any home delivering amazing home fragrance and will bring ultimate enjoyment and relaxation. The burner provides a safe, clean and efficient way to melt your scented wax melts.

Electric Melt Warmers

For our electric wax melt warmers simply add your favourite Echo Fragrances wax melt to the top of your melt warmer, plug in and switch on your electric melt warmer. Use the amazing touch base technology to turn your electric melt warmer on and increase the heat and light levels and then to turn your melt warmer off. The heat from the bulb will melt you Echo Fragrances wax melt. The bulb is not only used to heat your wax melt but it also works as a lamp to brighten your home and add a beautiful atmosphere to your room. Best results come from melting your Echo Fragrance wax melt for a minimum of 2 hours.

Safety Information

This electric wax melt burner uses electricity. Use only in an appropriate, properly functioning 230-volt electrical outlet.
Risk of electrical shock exists if metal or any other foreign object is inserted into any part of this burner or it is improperly used.
Do not use metal objects to clean out the wax.
Do not apply excessive pressure when cleaning or removing wax. This may crack and damage the burner.
Use only with good quality wax melts. The unit is not intended for use with fragranced warming oils or potpourri refresher oils.
Do not add water to the wax melts.
Do not immerse the unit in water.
Do not leave the burner unattended.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Caution: Wax melt burners become hot during use. Do not touch or move the unit whilst it is switched on or whilst the wax remains molten.

Failure to follow these instructions could result in a fire hazard.